About Us



The Center for Technology Foresight and Policy (CTFP) came into existence on 14 January
2020. The center plans to focus on evolving areas of technology – such as metaverse, quantum
technologies, future of cities – with an aim to provide future roadmaps and policy
recommendations. The center also plans to promote foresight and its methodologies in the public
and private sectors.


  • To foster directed development of advanced technologies.
  • To teach professionals about technology and strategic foresight to build capacity in this field in India.
  • Help other organizations grow their own foresight capacity and plan for the future.
  • Create links with international technology and strategic foresight institutions to facilitate collaborations and information exchanges.
  • To become policy think-tank for the governments, Industries and Academia.


The activities of the centre will be coordinated by the Head of the Centre supported by the Centre Academic and Research Board. In addition, this centre will have an advisory board consisting of 3 to 5 external members, two internal members and chaired by the Director to mentor and monitor functioning of the centre. This advisory board can recommend organizational changes in the centre including closure of the centre.


  • Produce Technology Foresight reports and presentations for private-sector and public-sector policymakers.
  • Train policymakers, government officials, executives, managers and other professionals on Technology Foresight techniques. Course ware, presentations and workshops would be prepared and offered to interested stakeholders.
  • Communicate with domestic and international foresight institutions to bring awareness of the center to the world.
  • Promote the Center’s course ware, workshops and presentations.
  • The Center will create a knowledge management system accessible to all members of the network (internally, students, and externally).
  • Offer consultation support to different industries as capacity allows in target industries such as agriculture, healthcare, finance & insurance, transportation, pharmaceutical & chemical, utilities & energy, education, IT infrastructure, telecommunications etc.

Many of these activities can become revenue streams for the Center, allowing it to grow and engage in further activities in collaboration with IITJ and stakeholders/collaborators.