Foresight Advocacy for Technology and Policy Impact


Center for Technology Foresight and Policy (CTFP) intends to be international center of expertise on Foresight, which is the discipline for visualizing evidence/ data-based alternate plausible futures for the use of policymakers, to help them in designing policy/ strategic responses. CTFP aims to be one-of-the-kind center in this region that would enable IIT Jodhpur to be a pivot for developing future-proof model for technology and policy. The center would consider the latest developments in disruptive/ exponential technologies and their convergence, as also the technological meta-trends. For this, we will be tapping the best institutions and networks in the world.

The Centre for Technology Foresight & Policy is an integral part of IIT Jodhpur (IITJ) and will work along with IITJ’s Departments and Schools on different disciplines and sciences. IITJ is working on leading-edge technologies with a focus on practical implementation. IIT Jodhpur works closely with governmental organizations for the development of clusters and ecosystems such as I-Drishti Hub that encourage the development of science and technology in the region. The institute has a range of scholarly and practice- oriented capabilities ranging from science and technology to management, humanities, and entrepreneurship. CTFP will help the institute through foresight-based mechanisms to visualize futuristic strategies involving science and technology. This includes inter-disciplinary and application-based curriculum and courses that include an emphasis on entrepreneurship, local application, and future-orientation.

The world is currently at another cusp in its history, where technology is transforming the ways of society. The momentum gained in technological advancement will lead a quantum leap for mankind. The current influence of data-based techniques such as analytics is increasingly transforming into Al-based technologies used in areas ranging from industrial production to travel. This trend, combined with technologies such as Lot and electric vehicles, has embedded technology more firmly in societies and the way individuals live.

At the same time, there are yet-to-mature futuristic technologies, such as ID and additive printing, quantum computing, block-chain, and autonomous driving, gene editing.  Smart Grid and AI that are rapidly evolving and showing promise of further transforming business models and the way business will be done in the future. Initial generations of AI, 3D Printing and 5G have already been impacting by improving efficiency and performance of several products and services across the globe. It has been envisaged that ID printing will completely change manufacturing. The present pandemic will accelerate and force internet coverage all around the world. 

The simultaneous development of many technologies will lead to the confluence of technologies and lead to many new applications. It is important to evaluate such new applications e.g. online education will improve significantly by developments in AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality  and beyond. There have been many weak signals scattered all around for the prospective technologies which demand attention and evaluation to meet some of the challenges. Hence, it has become essential to not only realize the potential of current technologies but also visualize the future based on evolving technologies. In other words, it is essential to exhibit foresight in dealing with frontier and futuristic technologies. The techniques of foresight systematically project the most probable futures from the many possible futures.

Foresight approach helps the team zone in on the preferred future. CTFP will use foresight guidance studies and mechanism to help formulate the roadmap and the implementation for stakeholders. It is with this in mind that the Center has evolved the following Vision.




In actualizing the vision, CTFP has the identified the following missions that will help in focusing on specific aspects that will help propel the center to become a leading international institution in foresight studies and activities.”


1 To become a foresight-based policy center for different stakeholdersa. Assist Governments, Industries, and Academia with foresight-driven policy formulation and implementation
b. Offer consultation support on foresight to different organizations in target industries
c. Encourage and assist organizations to grow their own foresight capacity and plan for the future
d. Establish CTFP as a global platform for collaboration among public and private stakeholders to promote strategic/national-level foresight
2To create a global network of partners for foresight study and researcha. Create links with international technology and strategic institutions to facilitate collaborations to advance the field of foresight
b. Collaborate with domestic and international foresight institutions to promote CTFP at the international level
3To foster foresight-directed development and deployment of technologies.a. Connect past, present and future technologies based on foresight principles. Produce Technology Foresight reports and presentations for private-sector and public-sector policymakers.
4 To promote research and teaching in technology and strategic foresight or enhancing capability in this fielda. Assist institutions in India and its surrounding regions.
b. Launch a certificate/diploma program in strategic foresight.
C. Train policymakers, government officials, executives, managers and other professionals on Technology Foresight techniques. Courseware, presentations and workshops would be prepared and offered to interested stakeholders.
d. Promote the Center’s courseware, workshops and presentations.
5To maintain a knowledge bank for the promotion of foresight studiesa. Create a knowledge management system accessible to all members of the network (internally, students, and externally).
6To initiate and facilitate all necessary action to ensure llTJ’s evolution into a future-driven institute. a.   Provide guidance and support on the future-relevant study and research areas to IlTJ’s IDRP programs.
b.   Collaborate with other Centers and Departments in IITJ to embed foresight in all areas of teaching and research.